How Google Made Me a Snack

Have you been standing in the produce section and thought “Hmmm…I wonder what that tastes like”? I found myself there earlier this week and answered myself with “Why the hell don’t I find out?!”. The produce enigma that captured my attention this time was a Star Fruit. If you’ve had one, save me the embarrassment and don’t read any more of this post. It’s funny how someone who tackled 3 young Thai coconuts (youtube was the savior here) can be…not scared, but unsure of, such a little thing as the Star Fruit. And at $4 I figured I better not mess this up. So what do I do when in doubt? Google it. Google has made me dinner, taught my spouse how to fix an Xbox, and has bought me evening gowns. If Google dies, I die. I digress. I googled “how to eat a star fruit” and discovered the 5 page blog on how to do such a thing. COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Let me save you the trouble. Trim the 5 edges and slice/eat/julienne/chop (you get the point) the fruit. DONE. Seriously? A 5 page blog
So go out there and pick up a kumquat, lychee, dragon fruit or star fruit for yourself and enjoy.

*Disclaimer-Although I am aware that non-domestic (ie foreign) produce isn’t really sustainable, I want to know what to eat before I go to Thailand someday. Although perhaps that’s a bad example, thanks a lot Brokedown Palace.


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About Sarah Hiller

Eco-maniacal! I love learning about food and health, and then sharing! I'm also an aspiring photographer, lover of kale, dogs, yoga, anything fitness, sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and heavy metal. It is my goal to empower and support people through nutrition and attitude. I have an Etsy store you can check out as well

3 responses to “How Google Made Me a Snack”

  1. Carol says :

    You are too funny, you know!!! Anyway, we’ll be missing that humor and good food at the beach. Later – Carol

  2. grandmie4rah says :

    It’s going to be fun following your blog…
    It is pretty…but was it “Mighty Tasty”???

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