There’s Blood in the Food…Again

I really am a very good cook (or uncooker, whatever). I don’t go tooting my own horn, but I’ve learned to love the kitchen and move past baked chicken breasts, potato and vegetable (corn/peas… Forgive me Jon and Chris!). So today I make my pain your gain in the literal and figurative sense. While I choose not to post pictures of a bloody finger on here, because that would certainly not make ME want to eat said bloggers food, do follow along as to how I did it.

F*ckin cheese grater.

I hate that bastard. End of story.

Anyway, for some reason, when the spouse is away, and I have True Blood to watch, I choose instead to uncook up a freaking storm. I then chose to blog about it because I decided to drink the rum used in a recipe…and because I burned out my VitaMix so it’s napping.
I’ll just post one picture of everything that’s new (pesto was made of course, hence the bloody finger) and hope that you decide to forego the cheese grater and try some of these recipes yourself. They’re so easy! Did I mention that they are all raw/vegan/vegetarian and one of them is ICE CREAM? Without nuts for once! And I am someone you can trust when it comes to knock off food. No, Rice Milk dream bars do NOT taste ‘like the real thing’. Barf. But these brownies made with dates…holy crapola. I must also mention, that the most awesome thing about being a raw foodist (or person who has these things) is that you can make SO many things from the simple staples you start your new kitchen with. Like raw cacao powder, nuts, coconut oil and dates. I had these dates for months and never wanted to make anything with them…until today. Tastes awesome!
The Fab Five (from top center, clockwise): Coco-Walnut Fudgy Brownies, Lemon Doodles, Coconut Cream Lara Balls (Bar), Cinnamon Maca Bars and Banana Coconut Ice Cream.

The coco-walnut fudgy brownie recipe (below) is from Stephanie Tourles’ book of 124 raw recipes. My only regret is that I made 1/2 of a batch.
The lemon doodles were amazing, but I didn’t use as much zest as it called for, and I used hemp seed instead of sesame. Totally different type of seed, but still amazing, even if the finished dough was the color of an alien ass.
The coconut cream lara balls (bar) was taken from a blog. My nuts were more processed than hers, and I rolled them into balls since Saran wrap and I haven’t been on speaking terms in…ever.
The cinnamon maca bar recipe I also 1/2’d. I added some cacao powder and vanilla. These were Jon’s absolute favorite. Maca is an amazing superfood too!
The banana coconut ice cream is simply delicious. I tasted the processed frozen bananas, and that alone is insanely delicious. I used coconut butter and the leftover coconut used to roll the lemon doodles in. YUM.

The best part about all of this, beside the fact that it’s all GOOD for you, is that the ‘dough’ mess is so easy to clean up. And you can use your blender for parts of these recipes, and to clean it…you use 1/2 blender full of hot water and some soap. Yeah. Blend. Clean. Done.

Lemon Doodles and Brownies Recipes:


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One response to “There’s Blood in the Food…Again”

  1. Grammie Donna says :

    You never cease to amaze me. Makes me feel really lazy!!! I am so proud of you!!!

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