Irish Italian Love

As a tribute to my Irish roots, and Italian for my husband, I concocted this dish.

Ok, I lied. I was eating my salad last night with a delicious Basil Vinaigrette on it and thought “How can I eat more basil tomorrow?”. (I’m about to head off to Basil-Obsessed Anonymous I tell you!). The plan was to use some ingredients that I’ve used in a dressing before, but THIS time use Vegenaise instead of oil and make a potato salad. After all it is summer, even if the weather outside begs to differ (hellooo 80° where are you?). The best thing about this whole dish, OTHER than the fact that people eating this won’t have to ask if it has pickles/eggs/celery/mustard or any of the other ingredients people ask about that can give them an excuse on why they can’t (won’t) eat the potato salad, is that it won’t give your guests a bout of food borne illness they won’t soon forget. It’s a tricky thing in the summer that Mayo, but since Vegenaise doesn’t have eggs and it doesn’t taste like Miracle Whip (yuck!) it’s an excellent substitute. I happen to think it tastes better than traditional Mayo. So whip up this recipe for all of your gluten/lactose intolerant, non-egg eating, sick of traditional potato salad friends, but only if you don’t eat the whole thing yourself. I need to be supervised when making this from now on.

(I am aware that the red (new) potato didn’t originate in Ireland, but I only had the red ones on hand, que cera cera)

Not Yo Momma’s Potato Salad

5 medium red potatoes or 3 large russet or 5 medium yukon gold…you get the picture
1/3-1/2 c Vegenaise, depending on your potato salad-y preference
1/3 c chopped fresh basil
2-3 cloves chopped fresh garlic
1 sundried tomato from oil (drained)
3 chopped green onions, white part
Dash of sea salt and pepper
(Optional: fresh parmesan cheese) 

Boil potatoes until the slip off of your fork (about 20-25 minutes for red ones) but don’t over boil. Meanwhile, mix Vegenaise, basil, garlic and tomato in food processor or blender until the tomato is pureed. Place the mixture in a bowl and add onions. Chill until potatoes are done. Dice your potatoes and chill for about 30 minutes, then add to Vegenaise mixture after you’ve tasted it once more. Add a few chopped basil leaves in for color, ENJOY!

The measurements are a bit rough since I threw it all together, tasted it, and THEN thought about how my friends should know what a culinary genius I am. So taste it and go with more of something if you feel inclined. I support substitutions. And I also heard a tip once that potato salad flavors can change the longer it sits so be sure to taste it before you head out.


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