Mean Your Green

(This article is an appropriate intro.)

One step at a time. Let’s start with the kitchen.

Here I propose to you some simple to procure products that can make your life less toxic. I thought this would be one of the easiest ways to share a green household that ANYONE can do. We all shop for products and we feel most comfortable buying what we know works (and sometimes our comfort level trumps our better judgement). For me, I bought Tide, because it’s what my mom used. I have no loyalty to Tide so when I learned about all the toxic junk in products we use everyday I decided to buy a new detergent. What I was faced with was the scariest section of the store. When you have never had to think about WHY or WHAT product you’re buying, the switch to a new product can be…scary. At least for me it was.

Here’s a sampling of old products, and a healthier replacement:

Old Product

New Product

  • Laundry: Tide
  • Dish Soap: Dawn/Palmolive
  • Baking Cups: Reynolds
  • Garbage Bags: Hefty, etc.
  • Papertowel: Brawny
  • Cleaner: Windex
  • Dishwashing Detergent: Cascade
  • Dog Waste Bags: Small plastic bags
  • Coffee Filters: Bleached filters
  • Laundry: Biokleen
  • Dish soap: Biokleen
  • Baking Cups: If You Care
  • Garbage Bags: Green Genius
  • Papertowel: Washable cotton rags
  • Cleaner: Vinegar and water
  • Dishwashing Detergent: Seventh
  • Dog Waste Bags: Bio Bags
  • Coffee Filters: Unbleached filters

You, one person, can make a difference. You can reduce the toxic products that go down the drain and end up in our drinking water. You can reduce the amount of paper products in landfills and the trees we use for those products. You can reduce the chlorine bleached products you use to bake, clean and make coffee with. You can reduce the amount of plastic that forever lives in the landfill. All of these things you can do if you shop for your products at a store or online. In fact, I got the laundry detergent at Super Supplements. I can truly tell you that all of these products work just as well if not better than the replacement product AND they are priced the same or even cheaper. Biokleen is even safe to wash my dogs with and their shiny soft coats are all the proof I need. That’s another product I don’t need to buy. Biokleen products are even made in my great state, so I’m reducing my carbon footprint by buying a product that travels fewer miles than our bananas.

So I hope you go to the store the next time you need laundry soap and take a gander at all the green options. Give one a try. If you don’t like it, take it back. Most stores will do that! Give it another go. I have yet to NOT like a product. I read the label and if I understand it, I buy it. What do I have to lose except some environmental toxins? Trust me. :)



About Sarah Hiller

Eco-maniacal! I love learning about food and health, and then sharing! I'm also an aspiring photographer, lover of kale, dogs, yoga, anything fitness, sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and heavy metal. It is my goal to empower and support people through nutrition and attitude. I have an Etsy store you can check out as well

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