Cranberry Christmas Punch

Cranberries are a holiday staple for most people. I, however, avoid that gelatinous mass like the plague. I don’t know what it is about cranberries in a can that screams “Holiday”. An additional issue with that can of cranberries is the added corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and the possibility that the can is BPA lined. It appears as though lots of people make cranberry sauce and it takes a short amount of time and can be customized and stored for a while. If you still don’t want that jellied fruit anywhere near you then here is an option for you. Cranberry Christmas Punch!

Total damage for one 8 oz glass? 60 calories, plus all the amazing benefits of mint and cranberry. Most party punches have tons of sugar and might have aspartame (Crystal Light).

Now, there’s a caveat to this drink. When buying cranberry juice, it really should be the most expensive thing on the juice shelf. The bottle of cranberry juice I snagged was $10, but it is pure squeezed cranberry juice with ZERO additions. It is bitter and tangy as heck when ingested alone, but the rule of thumb is a 1:2 ratio cranberry juice and water. Cranberry juice is an amazing source of phytonutrients which act as antioxidants and provide support for the body’s detoxification pathways. Some studies have isolated compounds in the berries and found that they were toxic to cancer cells. And it’s general knowledge that cranberry juice helps keep E. coli from adhering to bladder cells thus making it a perfect urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment. Of course if you are buying the sugared cranberry “cocktail” I’m not sure how much actually cranberry is in there… So do yourself and your guests a favor and have some punch!

Cranberry Christmas Punch 8 oz serving

  • 3 cranberry juice ice cubes
  • 4 mint/water ice cubes
  • 1 bottle blood orange dry soda
  1. Fill ice cube tray with straight cranberry juice and freeze. They take a long time to freeze and are still a bit “wet” after 24 hours.
  2. Mix mint, water and a sweetener like Stevia or agave-if desired, in a blender. Mix until mint leaves are pureed and pour into ice cube tray.

It’s really adaptable and customizable. If you have sugar-sensitive party guests, or if you’re trying to avoid it this holiday season, then leave the sweetener out of the mint ice cubes. Have some on the side for your tart-intolerant guests. It’s not a sweet drink by any means, so try it as you go. I think half of an orange squeezed into it would be amazing! The dry sodas are carbonated water, evaporated cane juice (sugar) and the flavor of the soda. There are a ton of flavors like lemongrass, vanilla bean, lavender and cucumber. You could also try some seltzer water (pure carbonated water) with some fresh fruit juice, like orange, in it. So, enjoy!


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2 responses to “Cranberry Christmas Punch”

  1. Holly says :

    Where in the world would you find blood orange dry soda? I bought some cranberry juice the other day and it was the most expensive on the shelf… about $4. :)

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