Olde Tyme Snack Time

Popcorn versatile, cheap and reliable.

I discovered this awesome black salt at the store and it looks and tastes so cool on popcorn. You can customize it any way you want; parmesan and garlic, tabasco and cheddar, salt and ghee, salt and nutritional yeast (my favorite!) cinnamon and sugar…you name it. It satisfies the crunch obsessed (guilty) without showing how you can inhale a bag of chips like no one’s business (I plead the fifth). Buy one pound of organic popcorn in the bulk section for $1.35. $1.35. Seriously. One POUND of organic popcorn. And you can do this without a microwave! There are tons of machines for stove top, air pop, any kind of popped corn you can think of. At first when we stopped using the microwave this presented a problem, but we made stove top corn with oil and although it took one or two tries to get used to the flavor of olive oil, we love it now. It tastes rich and buttery without being so.

Are you wondering what the heck nutritional yeast is and why I would put it on my popcorn?

Nutritional Yeast: It’s an inactive yeast that has a cheesy flavor and is also the only reliable food source of vitamin B-12. You can also get this in the bulk section in large and small flakes and it’s candida free (for those reducing the yeast in their diet).

Organic popcorn is really important here too. Organic also means GMO-free. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are foods that have been genetically modified. There is a lot of hot button information out there and I have read quite a bit. It’s enough to get any one riled up about their food supply. There are a few things you will be hard-pressed to find like studies opposing GMOs. Jeffrey Smith and Seeds of Deception shows what a twisted political world our food is stuck in. The few studies that have shown great health risks have disappeared for various reasons, in addition to the scientists’ reputations. Our food supply is in trouble, there is no doubt, but not because of the quantity issues but rather the food itself. I really recommend his book because it explains exactly why GMOs are so volatile. The DNA insertion is so imprecise that it’s practically impossible to assume what the end product will look like. It’s called “DNA blasting” because they blast the revised DNA (say anti-freezing DNA from a fish) into a tomato to ensure the tomato won’t freeze and die. Ok…well what if you are a vegan or don’t eat fish for other reasons? Now there’s fish in your tomato. In addition to that small problem, you’ve got health questions. The tomatoes for example cause such an issue in testing because the rats wouldn’t eat them. Once force-fed several died of stomach lesions. And chances are, you ate one. You also aren’t allowed to know it’s happening because labeling isn’t required, or if the crops containing modifications are blowing seeds into your crops. If you do sell crops that contain GMOs (even unknowingly) you could get sued for patent infringement. On food?! Sure this seems a bit out there, but it’s happening under our noses. Food Inc. really opened my eyes to this. Recently Washington State tried to pass bills in the House and Senate requiring just that, that failed. Genetically engineered seeds are banned in Hungary, as they are in several other European countries, such as Germany and Ireland. Peru is also following the precautionary principle, and has even passed a law that bans genetically modified ingredients within the nation for 10 years. About 70% of corn in the US contains GMOs, so you bet that if we get corn it’s organic and not laden with Bt. Now that I know what’s going on without my knowledge, I am taking control of my exposure. The list of potential health effects is staggering, but opponents claim zero health effects. If you have a soy allergy, would you chalk it up to GMOs? Probably not right now, the precedent is small, however the possibility does exist. I encourage consumer education on this topic. Jeffrey’s book and website are very informative and impartial.

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