Sniff it Up

The scent of lavender is the uncontested winner in my book for BEST. SMELL. EVER. I used to purchase lavender candles by the boat loads, and if you love the fresh stuff as much as I do, you will have noticed that not all lavender-scented items are equal.

After purchasing a huge bunch of lavender, and leaving it to dry in a paper bag, I got to thinking about new ways to use the plentiful amount of potent buds.

I have used lavender buds for the following:

  • Baths; added to Epsom salts
  • Food; makes a tasty and beautiful addition to cookies or on King salmon with a smidge of honey
  • Decoration; dried stems in cleaned glass olive oil bottles
  • Gifts; some who aren’t as blessed as I am to have it in such bounty
  • Tea; by itself with honey or with dried mints leaves
  • Toner; soak cut lavender stems and white vinegar for 6 weeks
  • Lavender oil is my only perfume, and I love to take a moment to inhale the scent from a lavender oil-scented cotton ball

The appearance of pumpkins and leaves, and the slow disappearance of flowers and sun reminded me of the fresh, chemical-free Christmas scent I made last year, and I thought I wonder if I could put lavender buds in a pot of water and heat it on the stove for scent??

Yes, yes you can. And it smells AMAZING! For about 2 cups of water I had about 1/4 cup of lavender buds in the pot simmering on low. It even smells so fantastic that my husband loves it, and men can be pretty particular about their scent preferences! No perfumy stink or chemical craziness, just sniffin’ as nature intended.


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About Sarah Hiller

Eco-maniacal! I love learning about food and health, and then sharing! I'm also an aspiring photographer, lover of kale, dogs, yoga, anything fitness, sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and heavy metal. It is my goal to empower and support people through nutrition and attitude. I have an Etsy store you can check out as well

2 responses to “Sniff it Up”

  1. Cheyenne says :

    Looking forward to trying the lavender on the stove top for sure! We used your Christmas scent recipe all the time last season, it’s so awesome :)

  2. Vinny Grette says :

    Great ideas for using a beautiful plant

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