Smells Fishy

Halibut July 2006

Dad, me (big ones are mine!), mom, younger brother; Homer, AK 7/2006

Those beauties are halibut, and it’s the weirdest-looking-most-delicious-tasting fish. Living in Alaska at the time I got to take home around 20 pounds of the freshly frozen fish and I learned to cook it every which way. After moving away halibut wasn’t on the menu but once or twice a year. The costs of animal and fish meats have noticeably risen, particularly when you’re making local, antibiotic/hormone-free, organically fed, and biodynamic meat purchases a priority. If you’re considering the insanity behind the uppity choice in meat and fish labels, I can shed some light.

You’ve possibly heard about the horse meat scandal across Europe; beef containing horse DNA that got as far as European Ikea’s meatballs. The issue is not wholly about the fact that it was horse meat, but rather that people didn’t know as the meat wasn’t labeled as such. Debating the consumer demand for horse/beef meat isn’t my intention, but rather to address the origination issue.  What came first (think chicken and egg); The mislabeled food we knew about – or the mislabeled food we didn’t know about? The latest round of sandal around our fishy friends comes from a 2 year test by Oceana, a conservation group, showing 33% of the fish tested was not what it claimed to be; snapper and tuna being the worst offenders.


I love fish and wholeheartedly agree with The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth when it states,

“…it’s refreshing to find a principle upon which everyone absolutely agrees. One such principle is to eat more vegetables and fruit. Another is that seafood is one of the healthiest foods on the planet.”

Salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, sablefish, anchovies and farmed oysters are particular health superstars. White fleshed fish are high in vitamins and minerals, and low in fat, calories and proinflammatory omega-6 fats. Fish like halibut, flounder, cod and orange roughy are lower in fat than any animal protein. You could say white fish are a nice all-around fish. Orange roughy and cod also contain selenium (in Brazil nuts too) which has been linked to lower cancer rates.

Fish is food AND friend, so procure as thoughtfully as you can to the best of your ability.


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