Jon and I have traveled from meat and cheese to fresh fruits and vegetables and back again…sort of. After four months of doing the most amazing thing we could have ever done, the raw food lifestyle, we have made the choice to be…us. I got schooled in the whole fresh ‘foodie’ lingo when I stumbled upon the raw food movement. Raw foodists do not eat anything cooked above 115° or so and do not eat any kind of animal product whatsoever, except honey and even that is debatable. Vegans do not care if it’s cooked or not, but do not eat any animal products at all. Vegetarians (some) take the vegan diet and add eggs and cheese on top, but hold the bacon. And now there are the Paleos, or Cave Man dieters.
I decided to read anything on food, health and happiness I could get my hands on, and I made the decision that just because a raw foodist won’t eat it doesn’t mean there aren’t health benefits to a free-range egg or a grass-fed steak. I want to take research and make my own choices. I think the important things that have come from our experience are so numerous and life-changing/saving. We could just be that first couple to live past 150! Jon’s dreams of immortality are slowly eeking into the forefront.

I didn’t want to spend hours and hours reading books, watching documentaries and listening to soft voices tell me I’m perfect just the way I am and not share all of that with people. The Literature list is an on-going project and you’re welcome to use it at your leisure. Uncook away!


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