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Hello Again!

Oh my faithful followers! I’m so sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything, but some health issues have kept me from living my life as I would like. The good news is after so much hardship I am cured of my ailment and on the road to recovery. The first thing I’m investing time and energy into is the RAW Seattle showcase which I have been selected to participate in! RAW is an awesome organization and I hope to share this opportunity with any artists out there.

Stay tuned and thanks for your patience, yummy treats are on their way!



Nap Time!

I am WIPED! One year I have spent working toward this store (whether I knew it or not).

I finally opened an online shop on Etsy!

It’s small for now because I have a local venue that’s slightly more established.



I’m off to take a nap now…

New Photos

Summer is sadly nearing an end. BUT, while the glorious sun shines I am taking every chance I can to take some photos.


Click here to view more photos!


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