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The Kumquat

What the what is a kumquat? That’s exactly what I thought the last time I was at the store. So…I bought some. I mean, what’s the big deal? What am I so afraid of? It’s tiny, unassuming, and hanging out near oranges (which I love every variety of), and I could buy just two which is pretty noncommittal.



It was like a tart, citrus explosion in my mouth, but not lemon tart. Tart, not sour. There were a few seeds for a big toe-sized fruit, but I cut it in half to see what was inside and once the seeds were gone, just popped it in my mouth. Don’t just take my word for it!

The kumquat is believed to be native to China, and is said to mean “gold orange” in Cantonese; there are 4-6 varieties. The one you will probably get at the store is a Nagami. It is the only citrus fruit where you can eat it with the skin on (and it’s not the texture you would expect!-it’s soft). When buying them look for plump, firm, brightly colored fruit without blemishes or shriveled skin. They can be stored on the counter top for a couple of days or in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. They can be eaten cold, at room temperature or cooked. How versatile! The Ladies’ Home Journal actually lists kumquats as one of their 7 Superfoods for Cancer Survivors. 7 kumquats will also yield about 6 g of fiber and 70% of your daily Vitamin C.

So get out there and try a new food this week!


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