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The Cherimoya

What the what is a cherimoya?It looks so…prehistoric!



The cherimoya is a soft fruit that has a very light tropical taste. It’s not distinct, but rather tastes like a very very light pina coloda.

The cherimoya is believed to be native to the inter-andean valleys of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Seeds from Mexico were planted in California in 1871. It is to be picked similar to an avocado or peach. You want it to have a little give when you gently squeeze it. Cut directly through it like an apple or pear. While it was amazingly delicious, it did contain seeds. Quite a few of them actually, but worth the taste adventure. The fruit is soft, like pudding or custard and you just scoop it out of the soft shell. Some call it a “custard apple”. The season to get one? NOW.

The average cherimoya has about 230 calories, about 50% of your RDA for Vitamin C, 40% B-6, 33% riboflavin and 27% thiamin – ¬†(Forget “enriched” bread!). It also contains potassium, copper, ¬†manganese and magnesium. Oh, and 7g of fiber!

So get out there and try a new food this week!


  • You don’t need any! It’s perfect as is. :)
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